What to Wear

What should I wear? This is a question that many new rowers have. Wearing the proper clothing on day one will make rowing more comfortable and may help you avoid problems, such as blisters and colds.

During practice, wear the items that you intend to wear during a race to ensure that they work as expected and are comfortable.

As we often experience sudden changes in the weather, it may be a good idea to have the following items ready to use:


Most rowers like to layer two or more pairs of pants for extra comfort and to prevent blisters. Choose pants that are made of slippery fabric to allow you to slide on the seat. Spandex works well – long pants for cold days and shorts for warmer days.


Choose any type of comfortable sneaker or running shoe. Lace-up shoes will be more secure in the boat.


Many rowers like tank tops and loose fitting, non restrictive, t-shirts. Choose a breathable fabric and shirts that will allow you to layer on colder days.


Early season rowing may require a warm sweatshirt and a rain jacket. A hooded jacket is a good idea for wet weather.

When ordering team uniforms, consider ordering a light-weight rain jacket or wind breaker (funding permitted). It will come in handy on rainy and windy days!

Gloves or pogies

Many rowers find it difficult to row with gloves on. However, gloves or pogies may be a necessary for cold days early in the season. You can wear gloves during the boat setup and warmup and take them off during practice. Pogies allow you to grip with your bare hand which may be a good option.


Many rowers like to wear a ball cap (warm days) or toque (cold days).


Sunglasses are recommended for coxswains as the sun can make it difficult to see the course. Some rowers like to wear sunglasses while other feel that they are uncomfortable when perspiration is an issue.