Boarding and Docking

Boarding the boat

  • Ensure that the boat is securely tied to the dock.
  • Sit on the side of the dock and place one foot on either side of the center board. Ease yourself into the seat.
  • If you are using water bottles or any tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers, ensure that you lay them in the boat gently. Throwing equipment into the boat can damage the boat.

Pushing off from the dock

  • When all rowers are ready, oars are extended out on the water (for the side away from the dock), and the boat is untied from the dock, the coxswain will call to push off. All rowers should push the boat away from the dock with their hands.
  • The rowers that are closest to the dock may have to push a little with their oars to move the boat away from the dock but they must be careful and push against the rubber matting on the dock to ensure that they do not damage the oar blade.
  • When the boat is away from the dock, the Coxswain will call for all rowers to pick it up and start rowing.

Crews leaving or entering the docking area must take caution and give right away to crews using the practice lanes.

Docking the boat

  • When the coxswain is ready to dock the boat, he or she will ask for certain rowers to put their oars in (“oars in on the bow side,” for example).
    • Rowers should keep the boat balanced and gently lay back to allow the oar to move parallel to the boat.
  • One or more rowers should keep the oar out in case the coxswain needs assistance in docking.
  • The coxswain will steer the boat into the dock – the boat will be moving slowly at this point.
  • Rowers should assist by watching for the dock and gently pushing against it to ensure that the boat does not hit the dock.
  • The Coxswain and #1 will tie the boat to the dock.

Getting out of the boat

  • Rowers should not start to get out until the coxswain ensures that the stern and bow of the boat are secured to the dock.
  • Each team should have a system for getting out of the boat to ensure that the boat does not tip sporadically. A recommendation is to start with the stern pair (#6 and #5) and then move down the boat. The Coxswain should be the last to get out.
  • To balance the boat when getting out, rowers should stand on the center board, lift one foot onto the dock, and ease themselves out of the boat. Rowers should not stand on the seat when they are getting out of the boat as this could damage the seat.
  • Rowers should remove any personal equipment and items.