Forming a Team

If you are interested in forming a team, you will need six rowers and a coxswain. Although rowers are responsible for forming a team, rowers can use the Royal St. John’s Regatta Facebook page, online bulletin board, and bulletin boards in the boathouse to post information and requests.

Interested rowers can also contact the Technical Coordinator at the boathouse about the Learn To Row Programs which can lead to the formation of new crews.

When forming a new rowing team it is critical that all members understand the commitment level required. Key areas include: showing up to all practices, arriving on time, working hard during practice, and having a positive attitude.


Crews are responsible for finding their own coxswain. There are two options:

  • Recruit an experienced coxswain
    • Ask other rowers if they know a coxswain who may be available
    • Contact the Technical Coordinator at the boat house
    • Put an ad on the Royal St. John’s Regatta Facebook Page
    • Put an ad on the bulletin board at the boat house
  • Recruit a new coxswain
    • Recruit a friend or family member to become a new coxswain – they will have to complete the Learn to Coxswain program.

Team Sponsor

Most teams find a sponsor to cover or help with registration fees and team uniforms. Teams are responsible for finding their team sponsor. You can call a sponsor directly and/or send them a letter of request.

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