Transitioning out of the Transition Period

The transition period in rowing is a time when a rower can relax mentally and physically from the structure and focus that rowing requires. For rowers involved in fixed seat rowing and the St. John’s Regatta, the transition period is generally August, after the St. John’s Regatta, and September. Many rowers do not want to think … More Transitioning out of the Transition Period

The Race Plan

With Discovery Day coming up, this is a good time for crews to think about their race plan. A race plan will keep the crew focused during the race and give the coxswain specific things to call during the race. Below is an example of a race plan for the 1225m course (written for the coxswain and … More The Race Plan

The Site Goes ‘Live’

At long last, my Fixed Seat rowing site is ready! Although there are plenty of resources out there for slide seat rowing and ergometer technique, there are few resources that focus on fixed seat rowing and coxing. This space includes how to information to assist new and experienced rowers, coxswains, and coaches. Please share. I am hoping that this site … More The Site Goes ‘Live’